Training Camp Cup Dates

July 10 -14  2009-2008 Camp 

July 10-14 2012-13 Camp

July 17- 21 2009-2010 Camp

July 17-21 2013-2014 Camp

About The Training Camp Cup

The Training Camp Cup is in its eleventh season.  It is the most prestigious and important hockey camp/tournament in all of Chicago youth summer hockey.  It has continued to grow, and at the same time give players and parents the ultimate competitive, fun, and intense summer hockey experience.  The camp has become so popular that at the 2009-08 camp it sold out in under twelve hours with one single email.  It has become the can't miss hockey event of summer!

The Training Camp Cup is somewhere between a camp an a tournament.  The camp is divided into three or four teams.  Monday to Friday is the regular season of the tournament.  Players practice at the beginning of the camp, and or do dryland training as well as team building activities.  Each team plays two games a day from Monday to Thursday.  On Championship Friday there is a practice before the playoffs, which consists of a semifinal and championship game!  The time on the ice for players is 2.5 hours a day!  The cost of the camp is $325!

There are some changes to the Training Camp Cup!  Dryland Training and Team Building have  been brought back after taking a two year hiatus due to Covid!  Other things that have made the Training Camp  Cup the event that it is today is the Daily Report, the scrupulous statistics, and of course the Training Camp Cup Fantasy League, which is as close to gambling as you can get in youth sports.

Contact Information

Chris Imes

Phone:  630-442-9637