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A. POINTS FOR STANDINGS In Round Robin play, two (2) points shall be earned for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. The greatest number of points earned shall determine the position of finish in each Round Robin bracket. If two (2) or more teams have an equal number of points, the position of finish shall be determined as follows:

HEAD TO HEAD (two teams only): If two (2) teams are tied within a Round Robin bracket, the team that acquires the greater number of points in the game between the two tied teams shall finish higher in position. NOTE: If three (3) or more teams are tied in points within a bracket, the HEAD to HEAD tie breaker shall not apply.

Furthermore, when three (3) or more teams are involved in a tie breaker, then the tie breaker rules shall be applied simultaneously to the tied teams. For calculating the Goal Differential statistics below, there shall be a maximum differential of six (6) goals for one (1) game.

GOAL DIFFERENTIAL IN GAMES INVOLVING THE TIED TEAMS ONLY: Subtracting goals scored against from goals scored in the games between or among the tied teams. The order of finish shall be in the order of the greatest surplus.

GOAL DIFFERENTIAL IN ALL ROUND ROBIN GAMES: Subtracting goals scored against from goals scored in all games played by each team in the Round Robin. The order of finish shall be in the order of the greatest surplus.

LEAST AMOUNT OF GOALS – TIED TEAMS: Least amount of goals against in Round Robin play amongst the tied teams.

LEAST AMOUNT OF GOALS – ALL TEAMS: Least amount of goals against in Round Robin play amongst ALL teams in the respective Round Robin bracket.



3:00 minute warm ups

13:00 minute periods. We do have one hour and ten minute time slots. If we run behind schedule periods will be reduced to 12:00 minutes until we get back on schedule.

There is no overtime in round robin games

No time outs during the round robin games.

All games will use CUHL Mite Hockey Rules.

All 5:00 minute majors will result in player being disqualified for the remainder of the game as well as the next tournament game.

Running Clock: If there is a five goal lead in the third period the clock will run during stoppage. The game will resume to stopping the clock if the lead gets cut to four goals.

Home team shall wear white for all games in the tournament.

The Thanksgiving Cup will be keeping stats during the games. These stats consist of goals, assists, saves, etc. We do our best to accurately record goals and assists, but will make mistakes. Only one contact from each team is allowed to contact July Flakus to change points. The Thanksgiving Cup Tournament does reserve the right to require video verification of the goals from Live Barn if we believe team contacts are being untruthful in first and second assists and saves.

Her email and contact information will be given to the contact person before the start of the tournament.


Each team gets one time out.

Overtime consists of a 5:00 minute 4 on 4 sudden death period, followed by a 5 minute 3 on 3 sudden death period.

Shootout consisting of 3 shooters for each team if the game is not decided after the second overtime.

All games will use USA Hockey Rules