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The Daily Report

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Monday Evening July 11th, 2022

Mite Training Camp Cup



The scores of the games were quite high. This is typical at the mite level. We do have some players that are quite capable of setting a Training Camp Cup Record for number of goals in the Mite Tournament. The current record is 23 set by Lukas Andrikonis. In this tournament scoring goals always gets harder towards the end of the week!


There was one trade today. Derek Brunetti was traded to the Blue team for George Dine, who is now on the White Team.


Point Leaders

Game Results

Game 1: Blue vs. Black

Team blue came out strong in game one of the Training Camp Cup. Blue scored the first few goals of the games, but Black gave them a run for their money. The game was a high-scoring and hard-fought battle, ending in Blue winning 10-9. Patrick Dunaway scored 6 goals for Blue. The four other goals for Blue were scored by Ben Bosnic, James Duprey, Emerson Fina, and George Dine with assists from Matthew Gracey and Patrick Dunaway. Black goals were scored by Mike Ray, with 5 goals and Alex Shelepenko with 4 goals and Mac Stark with an assist.

Game 2: White vs Blue

White had an outstanding second game of the camp, winning their game against blue with a score of 8-1. Ryan Hough, Benny Frost and Derek Brunetti each had two goals for White. Also for White, Davis Hrobowski and Tommy Papadopoulos each had a goal and assists came from Hrobowski, Nico Creamer (2), and Frost. Patrick Dunaway was able to put in one goal for Blue with 5 minutes left in the game. But, White maintained their lead and secured their win.

Game 3: Black vs White

Black brought home the last win of the day, winning 10-8 against White. Leading goal scorer, Mike Ray, scored 4 for Black with Nathan Mattio and Alex Shelepenko having 3 goals each. Black Assists came from Nico Dunaway and Cameron Gresik. For White, Ryan Hough, Derek Brunetti, and Tommy Papadopoulos each had 2 goals and Davis Hrobowski and Benny Frost each had a goal. White assists came from Dane Tauchen, Brunetti, and Hough. White was able to put in the last goal of the game, but fell short to Black’s 10 points.

Fantasy League

Raj Kamruddin has appeared to take a commanding lead in the Fantasy League! We do only have 13 entries. This will grow with time. The bantams have 50 entries.

The Daily Report

“The most read daily newspaper at the Edge Ice Arena”

Monday Evening July 11th, 2022

Bantam Training Camp Cup



Blue and Red are practicing on the Tuesday Morning at 8:00 am

Black and White are doing Dryland Training and Team building starting at 8:15 Rodak and Mauck will be doing Dryland Training.


Marcel Rodak and Ryan Mauck will be a goaltending team that will split every game.

Koehne and Diamond will be a goaltending team that will split every game as well.


Overall, I thought that the teams were quite equal. It has been a quiet day in the trade department. There was only one trade.

Trevor Shorter goes to Black in exchange for Marco Gattone


Red took and early lead in the standings. They got two points for each of their wins and one point for their team building win, which is under the FP Category! White also received two points for each win, and one point for their team building win.

Training Camp Cup Guac N Taco Trivia!

Answer Correctly at Guac N Taco in Elmhurst and receive free chips with your order.

The answer to yesterday’s trivia was 15 goals my Tomasz Lulinski!

Today’s Question

What player has the most points in Training Camp Cup history since we have been keeping track of stats using mystatsonline.com? We have been keeping stats for the last three years.

  1. Paul Degembe

  2. Vito Menna

  3. Sully Stark

  4. Lukas Andrikonis

  5. Alex Bogacz

Point Leaders

Game Results

Game 1: Black vs White

Black and White tied the first game of camp with a score of 5-5. The game was a close, hard-fought battle throughout. Black goals were scored by Zach Maynard with a hat trick, Patrick Grzyacz, and Itgel Tumurbaatar with a goal each. Black assists came from Dean Beckberger (2), Blake Zorovich, Nico Cortez, Danny Rudman, and Nathan Rybicki. White goals were scored by Vito Menna and Logan White with 2 goals each and Nolan Shorter with 1. White assists came from Cason Malee, Hale Zyung, Jack Nahumyk, Andrew Boucher, Logan White, and Ray Glorioso. Zack Maynard tied the game for White with 3 minutes left.

Game 2: Blue vs Red

Red defeated blue 4-2 in the second game of the day. Keaton Nix had a hat trick with assists from Louis Vittorio (2), Trevor Shorter (2), and Michael Barton and Louis Vittorio scored the last goal of the game for Red. Blue goals were scored by Marcin Lulinski and Jiyong Hong with assists from Alex Fuentes and Alexander Albergo.

Game 3: White vs Blue

White and Blue tied the third game of the day 1-1. Maven Bacus scored the first goal of the game for Blue. Cason Malee scored White’s goal to tie the game which was assisted by Jack Nahumyk.

Game 4: Red vs Black

Red won the fourth game of the day 8-3 against Black. Red goals were scored by Cristian White (3), Brandon Yu, Max Webster, Grant Hickman, Lukas Andrikonis, and Louis Vittorio. Red assists came from Lukas Andrikonis (2), Cristian White, Max Webster, Michael Barton, Louis Vittorio, and Cameron Bear.

Mile Monday Results

The red team seems to do everything well. The winner of the mile was Cristian White with a time of 5:54, which is exceptional, but still over thirty seconds off of the camp record. Set by Aaron Jenkyns. Lukas Andrikonis finished second with a time 6:04, Grant Hickman(cross country star) 6:08, Cameron Baer, Louis Vittorio, and Michael Barton all finished with times below 6:20.

Cole Hyland had the best time for the Blue team with a time of 6:06. Paul Degembe and Maven Bacus both finished in under 6:20.

The most remarkable stat is that all players ran the mile in 8:03 or better. That means that all players have come to camp in shape.

Team Building Results

Toilet Bowl Challenge

The toilet bowl challenge begins with players putting a potato between their legs, walking it over to a bowl, and dropping it securely in the dish. The winner was determined by the best out of three and red promptly won the first two rounds.

Airplane Toss

Each team was given four pieces of paper for the airplane toss as well as tape and scissors. Some groups opted for a traditional airplane and some groups tested more abstract design. The weather was quite windy, which hindered the distance the planes were able to travel, but red was able to get their airplane the farthest.

Marshmallow Towers

Black and White were tasked with building four marshmallow towers each. Staff measured the towers and added the collective heights together. White had the highest total.

Fantasy League

We have some new faces at the top of the Fantasy League. Ryan White is leading the pack after day one. He is followed by Carmela Menna, Thomas Gracey, Ela Pollina, Agnes Batoctoy, and one familiar name at the top of the standings is Frank Cortez. It is very tight, and at this time anyone that is at 10 points and higher has a shot at coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!